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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Group Class

Language development is a communal undertaking. Children learn to speak because they hear adults speak, and because they later interact with other children who are learning to communicate.

Group learning is vitally important in musical development as well. Suzuki families benefit from group class in myriad ways.
  • They build a community of friends with whom they have music in common
  • They often feel more secure to struggle with a difficult task when they see their peers struggling with them
  • Parents meet and interact with other parents and can share ideas about how to make practice more rewarding
  • Students have two cello lessons a week (one group and one individual), rather than one
  • Teachers can work on developing skills that can't be developed as effectively in an individual lesson, such as ensemble playing, leading and following, blending sounds, matching intonation and playing in unison
  • Technical skills and musical concepts that are introduced in the individual lesson are reinforced in group class
  • A piece that is relatively new and unpolished for an individual student will sound beautiful when she plays it with the group
  • Students develop a sense of rehearsal etiquette
  • Students develop the flexibility and versatility needed to adapt one's interpretation of a piece to fit the group interpretation  

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